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About Us

With rise of various social media platforms to have lowered their standards allowing children and youth under age of 18 to “freely” gain usage; and despite the growth of various Social Media Sites, Millennials are quite domineering Children and youths to have taken over the world of social media platforms from facebook to snap chat, to twitter to linkedin and all others basically leaving the "Adult Minded" ages 18 and older scrounging the "NET" for some ultimate social online adult entertainment fun.Google's statistics shows to date more than one hundred (100) million google searches occurs monthly by ADULTS wanting to Socially Connect in various adult capacities of some sort.

So let's look at some google statistical data of Adult Searches that occurs Monthly...

  1. Up to 10 million Web Users from abroad wants to Adult Friend Find;
  2. Up to 1 million Web Users like the idea enjoying Erotic Stories;
  3. Up to 1 million Web Users seeks to Adult Match Make;
  4. Up to 20 million Web Users seeks Online Chatting;
  5. Up to 1 million Web Users seeks Adult Encounters of various kinds;
  6. Up to 1 million Web Users seeks Dating Opportunities of various kinds;
  7. Up to 1 million Web Users takes interest in Marriage;
  8. While up to
  9. Ten (10) million Web Users has Relationship Interest that entails finding love in all the right places [divided by] those who seek love in all the wrong places.

If add all the above together of Google Adult Searches that occurs abroad the globe monthly; up to forty-five (45) million Web Users from abroad wants to Socially Connect in some Adult Capacity and Metro City Life Marketing has yet to scratch the social surface of interest.

After years of dedicated research within the Online Internet Dating, Social Media,  and Internet Marketing Industry?

In essence to meet by popular demand the growing sector of adults age 18 and older seeking that ultimate one stop shop [never to be bored again] online "adult" entertainment social web community that's...socially safe, socially friendly, socially engaging; Adults Connects.com is today’s vastly growing and most newest online and internet Adult Social Web Community that never sleeps as filled with both Elite Business and Elite hardworking 9 to 5 Working Class Professionals of many sorts "truthfully" seeking to socially connects 24 hours a day 7 days a week; so matter if, 

  • Seeking friends,
  • Seeking to date,
  • Seeking to network,
  • Seeking promotional entertainment fun,
  • Seeking your night out on the town party action

Adults Connects.com is sophisticatedly designed to minimize and keep reduced a surmounted-ness of fake people and profiles who likes to over-bear and crowd many social platforms with their congested-ness of trying to scam; Adults Connects.com is today’s vastly growing Adult Social Media & Marketing Platform that never sleeps at meeting your internal social desires; Adults Connects.com is social connecting the world to us in manner to give the best Adult Social Entertainment the world wide web abroad the globe could find.