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Founded Apr 03, 2018
Category: Site's Meetup
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This Meetup is about

"Single Ladies & Single Men Clap Your Hands"!! Some say Tucson is of a small boring place; while others have found Tucson to be quite intriguing; as our site continues to gather members from the Phoenix-Tucson area we would not oversight bringing social entertainment Meet N Greets into Tucson.

Director of Operations is under strong consideration moving a portion of the business operation to the Metropolis City of Vegas an area where more than 200 million tourists visits on a annual basis therefore; Director of operation seeks to market and promote Adults Connects.com by hosting this party social event and/or meet n greet social event in the Tucson area in essence members can adult connect in a safe fun-filled social entertainment environment therefore, this is only sample placement of an event that could be hosted and/or one in similar to it so when a real event is confirmed you'll find the event to be posted in our events section.

The possibilities for social functions to occur in the Tucson area is unlimited.

Itinerary Details

Location: Tucson, AZ

Date: TBA

Time: TBD

Projected Month: TBD

 Admission Details TBD admission free event for some members dependent upon level of membership.

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