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How Point Contests Work


  1. See site announcements "$1,000.00 dollars web promo giveaway guaranteed" those rules apply; must be a "Silver Member" and/or above and every field of your profile must be filled out to be eligible at becoming the prize claim winner.
  2. So Yes!!
  3. If number 55055 appears to your profile-account area you're eligible to win the $1,000.00 dollars web promo giveaway guaranteed promotion as well.
  4. Plus...
  5. You're eligible to win the $500.00 Dollars "Points Contest" as well.
  6.  Sign up on the site to create a Profile for yourself.
  7. Participate in site activities and earn Points.


1. Each Contest will have a Start and an End date.

2. At the end of the Contest, the member who earned the most Points during the lifespan of the Contest will win a Prize. Some Contests may offer multiple prizes for runner-up winners also.


Read the corresponding Terms and Conditions in the contests for more details of the individual contest.