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How Point Contests Work


1. Site members who meet the criteria for a particular Point Contest

2. On our Point Contest Module System,

3. Enter Point Contest by clicking on the button "Enter Contest"; once clicked,

4. Automatically You Should be Entered, then simply,

5. Start Interacting with Site's Features;

6. Start Socially Engaging,

7. Start being Socially Enticing,

8. Start Socially Inviting Others to Participate to our Social Web Community,

9. Points are Earned where applicable, while keeping in mind,

10. Some website features does not appear until after Social Interaction and Social Engagement Occurs;



1. Each Contest will have a Start and an End date

2. This Contest is contingent upon the "Member Award" of our Award Achievement Module System, 

3. It's responsibility of participating member to read announcement $1,000.00 dollar Web Promo Give-away, 

4. This Contest concludes upon whence our Award Achievement Module System has awarded the "Member Award" for the $1,000.00 Dollars Web Promo Give-away,

5. Which curtails but not limited to,

6. Member whose awarded the "Member Award" of the $1,000.00 Dollars Web Promo Give-away has officially claimed prize and prize has been officially awarded to,

7. By conclusion of our $1,000.00 Dollars Web Promo Give-away,

8. The member who earned most Points during the lifespan of the Contest will win the $500.00 dollars Prize.

9. Some Contests may offer multiple prizes for runner-up winners also,

10. Winner's Prize Award can be identified under Awards Category of your Account.


1. Adults Connects.com reserves right [regardless to occurrence of intentional or un-intentional acts without penalty] make corrections or make amends; or amend any errors and correct any errors for better interest of Points Contest's integrity with and without prior notice to any or all "Points Contests".

2. Read the corresponding Terms and Conditions in the contests for more details of the individual contest.