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How Raffles Work

Enter our Raffle

Site Announcement Description Does Apply; Each Member Is Responsible to Review & Understand When This Contest Concludes.

  1. Must Have A Profile Photo.
  2. Must Be A Verified Member.
  3. Profile Must Be 100% Complete
  4. Must Be A Silver Member Or Higher for Eligibility to Participate to Raffle
  5. In your Profile, Must Check Mark all Your Interests 
  6. Must post Content or Information Under AFF Community > Money & Gifts Lifestyle > Choose Option Describing You at Best.
  7. Participate in site Activities to earn Points to Enter.
  8. Be Socially Engaging to Earn Points to Enter.
  9. Be Sociable to Earn Points to Enter.
  10. Use your Points earned to buy Raffle Tickets.
  11. Win fabulous Raffle Gift Prizes.
  12. Plus...
  13. You're Eligible to participate in other participating contests as well.