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How Raffles Work

Raffle Contest Intro..

If participating to Raffle Contest these Raffle Contest Rules are a Must Read and comes as follows... prior to Adults Connects.com being launched abroad world wide web globally; Director of Operation and Promotions for years; found for self, always fighting life's up hill battles and challenges with very little to no play life at all; while circumstance after circumstance kept Director of Operations and Promotions in disarray; Director of Operations and Promotions found an erotic scape-goat through "Online Adult Dating" to have enjoyed reading and viewing countless numbers of fascinating profiles and viewing tons of fascinating photos and videos.

But yet?

The old adage of life gave no reprieve; as seems when "LIFE" beats you down, "life" really beats up on you; as who would have thought adding a spice to life of "Living Life to the Fullest" would be so complicated after reading and viewing countless dating personal profiles; Director of Operations and Promotions expensed more time and money encountering nothing but "Female" fakes and flakes; which all came to be a waste of time but with many invaluable learned lessons; Director of Operations and Promotions implemented "Raffle Contests" into Adults Connects.com's Social Community as what a better way to Market & Promote Adults Connects.com authenticity; while at same time, Living Life to the Fullest.

SO NOW that?

Director of Operations and Promotions has brought his world wide web marketing, management, and social talents to Adults Connects.com; Director of Operations and Promotions has "re-stable-lized" for the better and has become more re-invigorated for True type of Fun" to "Living Life to the Fullest; often times, Director of Operations and Promotions dips his hands into the Company's "Petty Cash Cookie Jar" to Market and Promote Adults Connects.com in the most unique way of "Raffle Contests" by Socially Giving Away Exciting "Social Interactive" Entertainment Prizes of various sorts that's controlled under the direction Director of Operations and Promotions.

Any or all Raffle Contests presented is not for everyone and may not appeal to everyone interests; but if Adults Connects.com Raffle Contests appeals to you, then participate in on the fun it as you could be the next Prize Winning Member; "Raffle Contests" you see and read upon is the "Real Deal" so when seeing postings of "Raffle Contests", Director of Operations and Promotions is on edge reaching out to many members of Adults Connects.com with Marketing and Promoting Generosity; Generous Gentlemen Generosity; Pampering Generosity, Spoiling Generosity, and Sugar Daddy-ish Fun of "Living Life to the Fullest" Generosity.


Three (3) Types of Raffle Contests

  • Open to entire Web Community Types
  • Female Only Types
  • Private Affair Types [Limited to Females Only]


Based On Type of Raffle Contest Selected, Additional Rules May Apply

  • If Raffle Contests are types to be Open to the Web Community; Raffle Contests are "As Reads" and additional rules may not apply,
  • If Raffle Contests are Female Only or of Private Affair Types [limited to females only] for the security and safety purposes to all involved parties;
  • Additional Rules may Apply;
  • If additional rules applies,
  • Additional rules will be sent internally by electronic mail;
  • Each Member Is Responsible to Check Their Emails; Emails Is What Keeps Each Participating Participant Up to Date with Contest Changes and/or Additional Announcements.


Three (3) Ways Raffle Contests are Designed to Be Entered

Dependent upon how Raffle Contest is set-up to receive payment; Raffle Contests maybe set to be entered in manner as follows...

  • By Points;
  • By Credits;
  • Or by,
  • Redemption of an Earned or Promotional Electronic Voucher


If Entering Raffles by Points

  • Socially Engage Throughout Web Community to accumulate enough Points to enter Raffle Contests;
  • Once Points are accumulated simply hit the "Get Ticket" to be entered into Raffle..
  • Or,
  • You can Purchase required amount of Points to enter;
  • Simply go to your Account Area;
  • Under section Quick Links,
  • Click "Points Link"; then in upper left corner,
  • Click the Link "Points Activities" a drop down menu will appear; then,
  • Click "Buy Points and make Purchase;
  • Or
  • You can use your Points Earned from Socially Engaging Throughout our Web Community; then if needing,
  • You can purchase additional points to help meet the needed requirement of cost to enter Raffle Contest.


If Entering Raffles by Credits

  • Credits can Purchased and used to enter Raffle Contests


If Entering Raffles by Voucher Redemption

  • Vouchers are used more so for Promotional Purposes and randomly issued for a variety of reasons that could run along the lines of; but not limited to, general promotional purposes open to the Web Community; used for Female Only Type promotions, or used for Private Affair type promotions [limited to females only]; if promoting by "voucher redemption" a voucher code can be auto generated and/or manually generated and submitted within an email and recipient of email with voucher code enclosed can use the electronic voucher for entering Raffle.


Raffle Contest Eligibility 

  1. Must Have A Profile Photo of Self that identifies your True Identity;
  2. Must Be A Verified Member;
  3. Profile Must Be 100% Complete;
  4. Must Be A Bronze Member Or Higher;


Raffle Contest Winner Selection

Winners are Optionally Selected by Two (2) Methods

  1. Automatic selection of Winners - "Raffle Contest" host can setup contests so winners are automatically selected at the end of the contest based on the total amount of votes that each entrant accumulates;
  2. Or Optionally; Raffle Contest Host can, 
  3. Manual selection of Winners- contest host can choose to manually select winners by, before, or at end of contest period;
  4. Method of to which Raffle Contests are held is at discretion of Raffle Contest Host.


Raffle Contest Prizes & Delivery of Prize Give-Aways

  • Not all Raffle Contest Prizes to be given away comes as Individualized give-aways; meaning,
  • Raffle Contest Prizes are established at being Socially Entertaining, Socially Interactive, and Socially Engaging with others;
  • Director of Operations and Promotions [for tax purposes] is completely responsible for tracking and record keep to all expenses expensed on social entertainment marketing and promoting purposes of Adults Connects.com 


Guaranteed Winners of Raffle Contests

  • Yes


Raffle Contest Disqualification and Disqualification of Raffle Contest Winners

    1. If participating to Raffle Contests;
    2. For security purposes to all parties involved,
    3. Any and all information presented to Adults Connects.com is in-depth scrutinized prior to surrendering prize give-aways,
    4. We assure to best of abilities to reduce Scamming and Frauding that could easily degrade the integrity of our Video Contests;
    5. Background checks may be conducted without any notice;
    6. Failure to have A Profile Photo of Self that identifies your True Identity;
    7. No Pretending to be Someone You're not [personally or virtually]; No Fakes Allowed,
    8. Failure to Be A Verified Member;
    9. How you fill out your Profile is crucial, [all profile fields must be filled out];
    10. Fields that lists values of "Field Not Selected" and "Prefer not Say" disqualifies Video Contestant Winners
    11. Selecting Profile Field Values helps describe your personality;
    12. If profile content and/or any other content you present to Adults Connects.com does not match your personality can cause disqualification,
    13. Failure to have Profile 100% Completed can cause disqualification,
    14. Failure being a Bronze Member Or Higher can cause disqualification
    15. Failure to Comply with Raffle Contest Rules can cause disqualification
    16. Failure to follow specific written instructions can cause disqualification
    17. Failure to comply with any additional rules that may apply can cause disqualification
    18. If requesting additional information failure to reply timely can cause disqualification


Raffle Contest Miscellaneous

  • Adults Connects.com reserves right [regardless to occurrence of intentional or un-intentional acts without penalty] make corrections or make amends; or amend any errors and correct any errors for the better interest of the Raffle Contest integrity with and without prior notice to any or all "Raffle Contestants".