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Simply...Refer and Invite and Recruit to Site

  1. See site announcements "$1,000.00 dollars web promo giveaway guaranteed"; those rules apply, must be a "Bronze Member" and above to be eligible to participate; and if, 
  2. Number 190555 DID NOT appear to your profile-account area; but yet,
  3. We have "site evidence" you made the Referral of the person who won the $1,000.00 dollars web promo giveaway";
  4. Then for you,
  5. You may have earned yourself a Referral Finder's Fee; that yields, a "Referral Fee Giveaway" of $500.00 Dollars,
  7. Refer and Invite and Recruit...Friends
  8. Who has and shares same social interest as you; and/or shares and has same like mind as you,
  9. Refer and Invite Associates
  10. and
  11. Refer and Invite other people from other social media sites to check us out,
  12. Use Referral Contest Link within your profile-account area,
  13. You'll be able to track your "Referrals" and whose leading the competition on our “Referral Leadership Board”,
  14. This contest remains in good standing up through time that the "magically ready to appear number of 190555 has appeared to a Member's Profile; then contest immediately comes expired and voids.

Adults Connect.com Helpful Hint to how long it could take for number 190555 to appear to a Member's Account Area....

The more people that knows and learns about Adults Connect.com; the "magically ready to appear number of 190555 could appear in a matter of minutes; within hours, or could take days or take a few weeks to appear; Adults Connects.com has not the clue to whence Metro City Life Marketing is going to "pull the launching trigger" at launching Adults Connects. Com Globally around the world; so if you have been specially invited to the site, and/or you're slowly finding your way to the site; You might want to get comfortable with Adults Connect.com and stay a while.

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Good Luck on your participation.

Ends in 188 days