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Simply...Refer and Invite and/or Recruit...

  1. See site announcements "$1,000.00 dollars web promo giveaway guaranteed" those rules apply; must be a "Silver Member" and/or above to be eligible to participate.
  2. So Yes!!
  3. If number 55055 appears to your profile-account area you're eligible to win the $1,000.00 dollars web promo giveaway guaranteed promotion.
  4. PLUS...
  5. You're eligible to win our $500.00 dollar Referral Contest Giveaway.
  6. Use the Referral Link Feature within your profile-account area in essence to get credit to the number of Referrals you have made; any referrals made without using the "Referral Feature" provided in your profile-account area, you would not receive credit and becomes void under our "Referral Contest" rules, terms, and conditions.
  7. Assure to Refer and Invite and/or Recruit...
  8. friends
  9. associates
  10. other people from other social media sites ect
  11. By end date of contest... member with the most referrals “Wins”.
  12. You'll be able to track whose leading the competition by our “Referral Leadership Board” to whom you referred and to who became a member to our site thereafter you referrals.
  13. Upon coming across it all participating contestants shall view Metropolis City Marketing Profile for more detailed information regarding site's contests and prize claim details.
  14. Good Luck on your participation.
Ends in 2 days