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You are not a Verified Member. Find out how to get Verified here

You can become a verified member

Give yourself more chance of exposure by confirming to the community that you are a real person. Verified Members are considered more thrustworthy and are sure to get more attention from members. The process is quick and simple. Submit a Photo of yourself (see the Rules). An administrator will review the Photo for authenticity and once satisfied, you will be made a Verified Member. Verified Member are distinguished with a Seal of Verification on their Profile page.


Rules for Photo Submission

1. We don't mind creativity as opposed to authenticity as do mind to the full extent where verified means we are verifying your identity that you are a real person and not "FAKE" or pretending to be someone else;

2. Upload a Photo clearly showing your face is optional but highly recommend you do so there is no doubt to who you really are;

3. Write your verification code (DB2DC5) clearly on an object that will show in the Photo;

4. Underneath Verification (DB2DC5) write your username

5. Object within photo where verification (DB2DC5) and user name will exist could be a piece of paper being held in your hand; or creatively could be written on your body,

6. Verification Photo must not be manipulated in anyway, such as with PhotoShop etc.